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Mohammad AlNaqwi is a leading TV presenter, khateeb, preacher, teacher, trainer, coach, counsellor and a motivational speaker in English and Arabic languages. He is born and raised in Kuwait.  He is a Khateeb in Grand Mosque of Kuwait. He is a Presenter on Kuwait Television & Kuwait Radio Station.

He studied Business at Bournemouth University (UK) & Mansoura University (Egypt) & holds many Islamic and Professional Certificates. He has worked in famous Al-Madina Islamic International University (Kuwait office).

He is also a life coach & speaks about the family system, youth, ethics, positivity, unity, practical life & other sensitive social issues.

He travels around the world & is practising Dawah for over 15 years & is a lecturer & a public speaker for many Islamic Organizations. He is famous among the youth and has inspired many people by the Grace of Allah & helped them become a better human & a better citizen.